Wondering how you compare to the rest of the industry?

Local publishers are working hard to create a profitable transition to the digital era. Operative, in partnership with BIA Kelsey and Digital Content Next, fielded a study to assess the challenges facing both local and national publishers and to benchmark their journey to digital maturity. This white paper offers some of the most interesting findings from the survey.


1. Both local and national publishers are still in “reaction” mode, adopting technology and efficiencies only in response to advertiser demand.

2. Only a few outliers are in “innovation” mode, but they enjoy significantly more profitability as a result.

3. Local publishers have lower CPMs and slower turnaround times in sales and operations than national publishers

4. The path to higher profitability is to focus on differentiators, drive investment in technology and operational efficiency and promote synergy across channels.

Read the Results of Our Study, Targeted For Local Publishers