Are you ready for the future of digital?

In our first survey about the future of digital publishing, we asked 85 media executives about the state of their digital advertising business across print, TV and native digital companies. The survey revealed three industries in transition. No company was immune from the massive changes happening within media, even relatively streamlined digital publishers.  Today, all publishers struggle with under-trained staff, fragmented technology and low performance.

This whitepaper reveals how publishers feel about investing in the future of digital, and of programmatic specifically. 

Download the whitepaper now for the full survey results.

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Key Survey Findings

  Publishers want to focus on long-term strategic goals, but often default to chasing advertising revenue in the short term.

  Publishers see a prominent role for programmatic in the future, despite heavy manual labor and decreasing CPMs.

  Publishers agree that in order to succeed, they will need a common platform to execute sales and a common set of metrics.

Learn Why Publishers Believe Digital to be the Future of Their Business